Wednesday, May 30, 2007

card Contest entries

I just entered card contest.

Inside wrote: School Days

Inside wrote: Autumn time
inside wrote: Harvest happenings
While surfing the blog world I came across this blog
and Deanne had just posted her first card sketch. If you create a card using the sketch, send it to her and she posted it on her blog. How cool, I am branching out, look at me go. I am getting out of my little corner and entering contests, sending in DT searches. Ok sent in 3, any of them would be cool to be part of but seriously I so want to be on one of them, I love their paper (even if it is hard to find in this area). They had a booth at the expo and I would have dropped a lot more money if they hadn't be having cash register problems. ok another story another time.

Hey Nicole I am such a blogging fool this week, seems that I have blogged on a daily basis. This can;t keep up, I'm going to run out of ideas. Really Nicole, card making queen, what do you think of my cards.


Nicole said...

YAY for blogging!! Love your write-up on courage. I think anything we do that's out of our "box" takes courage.
Love your cards, especially your fall ones and the "you are special" is so brighty and cheery!! WTG girl! Keep it up! ;)

Deanne said...

Your cards are AMAZING!!! Keep up the good work!!!!

Shell said...

I love that last card Kelli, I missed it on SBO gallery!

LeslieinTN said...

I especially like the school days and the you are special card!! I'm proud of you for going outside of your "box". :)